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Fine Art: Repetition, Pattern and Rhythm Royalty

A COLLABORATIVE PROJECT between some of the greatest drummers in rock history and a visual art team in Los Angeles has captured rhythm on canvas.

“This is a really exciting new medium,” says Chad Smith, drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Art of Drums is the latest offering from Los Angeles art collective SceneFour, which is working with the likes of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Chad Smith, Guns ‘N Roses’ Steven Adler, Def Leppard’s Rick Allen and Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction to make art from the drummers’ hard hitting power and skillful jazz techniques.

SceneFour uses long-exposure photography and lighted drumsticks to create the work. A camera captures 30 seconds of the drummer’s performance in one frame. Following artistic input from the drummer and some post-production back in the SceneFour’s studios, the drum movements are enhanced.Each image is heightened by increasing or reducing light, effecting hidden elements within the color channels and controlling the color spectrum to bring out the abstract nature of the work.

Music recording revenues have been declining sharply over the past decade.SceneFour’s musical art collaborations have been growing at a record pace with collections such as “Rick Allen’s Angels and Icons” featured at Wentworth Gallery, a leading fine art retailer. Carl Palmer and SceneFour just released a First Edition, comprehensive coffee table book “Art In Rhythm” which quickly sold out. They’ve given the musician a new stream of revenue, a new way to express themselves and connect with their fans.

SceneFour is unveiling a new division in 2016 focused on releasing vinyl records. These albums will spotlight artists discussing their body of works, track-by-track, with music creatively woven in between their narration, thus engaging the reader and amplifying the audio experience. Inspired by the read-along children’s books from Disney Records in the 1970’s, the narration featured on these recordings will guide readers through the book, page-by-page.

Carl Palmer releases ART IN RHYTHM: The Artwork of Carl Palmer

A Comprehensive Book on
Carl Palmer’s artwork is unveiled

Just 250 books available in the First Edition,
all are numbered and individually signed



Each of the 250 books in the First Edition feature
an art piece by Palmer titled “Art in Rhythm”


Co-Authored by Palmer, this is the debut art
book of his rhythm-on-canvas works.

A year in the making, the book touches upon each work in
the Twist of the Wrist and The Rhythm of Light collections, as well as Palmer’s
journey with bringing rhythm to a visual over more than four decades.

In the First Edition, all of the books in the edition are numbered and
individually signed by Carl Palmer.
This is the second published release by SceneFour, Inc.

Bill Ward Art Exhibit – The only Los Angeles appearance – Discussion & Art Show

The exhibition opens on August 15th with two artist discussions by Mr. Ward in which he details the concepts underlining the artwork and relates personal stories of how each piece is connected to his private or professional life. The first lecture starts at 2PM and the second at 5PM. The lectures are free to the public, however attendance to each lecture is available on a first-come basis and pre-registration is required. The Absence of Corners Exhibition is a special limited engagement and only hangs at FATHOM, Los Angeles through August 29th. RSVP:

Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Steven Adler To Debut Fine Art Creations


Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler turns 50 years old on Jan. 22, and he’s celebrating the occasion by immortalizing his famous drum strokes on canvas.

A collection of fine art pieces from Adler and publisher SceneFour, called ‘50’ will debut on Feb. 6 in Los Angeles and it was created using a style called “Rhythm-On-Canvas.” That medium involves the drummer using different drumsticks that light up in a variety of ways. Then those lighting patterns are brought into a studio and translated to canvas. You can check out the preview for Adler’s art in the video above.

SceneFour are the creator’s of the “Rhythm-On-Canvas” medium. They have previously created works with drumming greats like Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, Rick Allen of Def Leppard, ex-Slayer member Dave Lombardo and more.

It looks like Adler already has a very busy 2015. Besides turning 50 and debuting his new artwork, the drummer is also in the studio recording new material with his band Adler.

Head to to learn more about the upcoming exhibit.

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For decades, the movement and approach of fine artists has been studied and compared to rhythm. Most notably Jackson Pollock’s abstract work in the 1950s showcased “rhythmic nature” in relation to his splattering of paint on canvas and the patterns produced.

In 2009, SceneFour set in motion a plan to begin working in the “mindset” of rhythm. The project would begin with picking 10 drummers to establish and pioneer a new medium dubbed “rhythm-on-canvas.” Using drumsticks that lit with various colors, patterns, speeds and temperatures, the drummers would construct rhythms that would translate to abstract artwork eventually to be laid to canvas. These works would showcase the individual drummers’ speed, technique, style, and creativity.

The 10 drummers would be part of an assembly called “The Art of Drums Project.” From 2009 to 2013, 10 collections were created and released. A new medium was born and established with collections selling at breakneck speed and galleries around the country showcasing the work.

The medium continues in 2014 with SceneFour’s abstract work with the best living drummers, breaking traditions and redefining rhythm and fine art.