Chad Sexton’s “Vapor Trails” Pigment Print / Limited Edition

Chad Sexton's art drummer of 311
A movement in fine art led by drummers, Chad Sexton puts rhythm to canvas in his art debut collection.

Like a painter using brushes and oils of different colors, Sexton utilized drumsticks and fiber optic brushes to create the artwork seen in his debut collection, “Assimilation of Light and Rhythm.” Through an extensive process and collaboration with art team SceneFour, Sexton created rhythms to translate into visual art, with each beat initially captured through a manipulation of time and light. The process eventually extended to the art studio, where each captured rhythm is studied and accentuated to bring forth a new dimension normally hidden from the human eye.

Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Steven Adler To Debut Fine Art Creations


Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler turns 50 years old on Jan. 22, and he’s celebrating the occasion by immortalizing his famous drum strokes on canvas.

A collection of fine art pieces from Adler and publisher SceneFour, called ‘50’ will debut on Feb. 6 in Los Angeles and it was created using a style called “Rhythm-On-Canvas.” That medium involves the drummer using different drumsticks that light up in a variety of ways. Then those lighting patterns are brought into a studio and translated to canvas. You can check out the preview for Adler’s art in the video above.

SceneFour are the creator’s of the “Rhythm-On-Canvas” medium. They have previously created works with drumming greats like Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, Rick Allen of Def Leppard, ex-Slayer member Dave Lombardo and more.

It looks like Adler already has a very busy 2015. Besides turning 50 and debuting his new artwork, the drummer is also in the studio recording new material with his band Adler.

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