Official Trailer: Carl Palmer Unveils Art Collection “Twist of the Wrist” (ELP / Asia)

Abstract, vibrant, and historic – Emerson, Lake and Palmer drum icon Carl Palmer to release a career first, an art collection of rhythm on canvas. With only 200 pieces in the series, this highly limited release becomes available worldwide on February 1, 2013. Those interested should get on the early interest list at to learn more and get the opportunity to see and own the collection before the release date.

Iconic Drummer Steve Smith Debuts Fine Art Collection “The Fabric of Rhythm” (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

On May 15, 2013, iconic drummer of Vital Information and formerly of Journey, Steve Smith unveils a fine art collection created from drum performance called The Fabric of Rhythm. Highly limited in availability a total of 100 are available. To get on the interest for the opportunity to see the collection before the debut, sign up at