For decades, the movement and approach of fine artists has been studied and compared to rhythm. Most notably Jackson Pollock’s abstract work in the 1950s showcased “rhythmic nature” in relation to his splattering of paint on canvas and the patterns produced.

In 2009, SceneFour set in motion a plan to begin working in the “mindset” of rhythm. The project would begin with picking 10 drummers to establish and pioneer a new medium dubbed “rhythm-on-canvas.” Using drumsticks that lit with various colors, patterns, speeds and temperatures, the drummers would construct rhythms that would translate to abstract artwork eventually to be laid to canvas. These works would showcase the individual drummers’ speed, technique, style, and creativity.

The 10 drummers would be part of an assembly called “The Art of Drums Project.” From 2009 to 2013, 10 collections were created and released. A new medium was born and established with collections selling at breakneck speed and galleries around the country showcasing the work.

The medium continues in 2014 with SceneFour’s abstract work with the best living drummers, breaking traditions and redefining rhythm and fine art.