Def Leppard Drummer’s First Fine Art Collection to Debut Later This Month

Def Leppard‘s Rick Allen has made his first foray into the visual-art world, and the drummer plans to introduce his creations on April 18 exclusively at The exhibit, “Electric Hand: Rhythm + Change,” features pieces Allen produced collaboratively with the SceneFour conceptual art team, who helped transform his rhythms into abstract images.

“The collection reveals something that up until recently I didn’t even know existed, presenting sound into light,” the stick man explained about his artwork.

He added in a promotional video for the collection, “When I embarked upon this project, I was just playing. I didn’t know what was gonna be revealed, but now all these hidden worlds, these wondrous realms are being revealed to me. When I play, I’m going to be visualizing the imagery that you see.”

“Electric Hand: Rhythm + Change” will include 300 pieces. Fans interested in previewing the collection, as well as gaining access to videos and other related materials, can sign up for a mailing list at

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