Bill Ward Showcases ‘Absence Of Corners’ Art Collection In Los Angeles

August 15th 2015, Fathom Gallery, Los Angeles CA: Heavy metal icon and former Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has spent the past few years developing a ‘rhythm on canvas’ style of art collection titled ‘Absence Of Corners’. The creation of these pieces of art involve Ward setting up his drum kit in a completely dark room and playing colored drum sticks, his movements and the drumming color patterns captured through open shutter photography and rendered on canvas. The collection made its West Coast debut at Fathom Gallery in downtown Los Angeles last weekend, wherein Ward held three sessions to discuss the art in detail. Metal Assault was in attendance for session #2, at 5 PM on Saturday August 15.
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Chad Sexton’s “Vapor Trails” Pigment Print / Limited Edition

Chad Sexton's art drummer of 311
A movement in fine art led by drummers, Chad Sexton puts rhythm to canvas in his art debut collection.

Like a painter using brushes and oils of different colors, Sexton utilized drumsticks and fiber optic brushes to create the artwork seen in his debut collection, “Assimilation of Light and Rhythm.” Through an extensive process and collaboration with art team SceneFour, Sexton created rhythms to translate into visual art, with each beat initially captured through a manipulation of time and light. The process eventually extended to the art studio, where each captured rhythm is studied and accentuated to bring forth a new dimension normally hidden from the human eye.